Backroads to Quabbin Summit 2001
Starting from the Grossman's Bargain Outlet Shopping Center on Rt 33 in Chicopee.
(TRO = To Remain On)

0.0 Exit at the north end of the parking lot,
Right onto New Ludlow Rd and
cross Rt. 33 @ light
3.0 Right onto East St, then
  Immediate Left onto Truby
3.8 Straight @ stop onto Taylor
4.9 Bear Left @ stop onto Carver
5.3 Bear Right TRO Carver
5.7 Right onto Lyons
7.7 Bear Left TRO Lyons
8.9 Straight @ stop onto Miller
10.6 Left @ stop onto East St.
11.4 Left onto Poole REGROUP
13.6 Remain on South St.
14.9 Left @ stop onto Liberty, then
  Immediate Right onto South St.
15.8 Right under RR tracks
16.0 Bear Right TRO River St.
17.0 Right onto Rt. 181 (S. Main)
17.2 REGROUP at O'Connels Shell.
Left onto Main St., Rt 181 N (i.e. reverse direction)
17.4 Right onto State
18.9 Left onto Emmery at bottom of hill, before bridge
20.6 Becomes Babcock Tavern Rd.
22.3 Becomes Monson Tpk Rd.
24.5 Right onto Rt 9
24.6 Left into Quabbin Reservation
28.0 At rotary, continue to Summit
28.3 Right onto paved walkway up to tower
28.4 LUNCH at Summit
  Return to Rotary, then towards Windsor Dam
  * Bear left towards Rt. 9 at the bottom of the hill
30.9 Right onto Rt 9
32.3 Left into McLean Hatchery
REGROUP - water & restrooms
Left out of Hatchery
34.1 Right at T (no sign)
35.2 Bear right TRO Cold Spring
36.0 Right onto Rt. 181
38.3 Cross intersection and continue on Rt. 202
38.6 Left onto Jackson
39.8 Bear left @ stop onto George Hannum
40.6 Bear left TRO George Hannum
41.7 Stay to the right
41.8 Left onto Batchelor
42.4 Bear right TRO Batchelor
45.5 Left onto Porter
46.7 Right onto Crescent (No sign, wide intersection)
47.1 Left onto Ken
  Immediate right onto West
47.8 Cross Amherst @ Flashing light
48.6 Bear left onto Cold Hill Rd.
49.6 Left @ stop onto Pleasant
50.1 Cross Rt 202 @ lights
50.9 Bear right onto Morgan
51.9 Right @ stop onto New Ludlow
53.8 Left onto Rt 33 to parking lot
* Note: This route does not go over the Windsor Dam, the dam is closed to vehicular traffic, but as of July 2002, was open to bicycles and pedestrians. If you decide to go over the dam, take a left onto Rt. 9, then a right onto East St to put you at the 31.8-mile mark on the cue sheet