Thrill of the Hill (The Climb-Max) Starting at the Post Office in Ashfield, MA
MilesDirection Comment       Page 1

0.0Rightonto Rt 116 S from
 parking lot
0.2Rightonto Norton Hill Rd.
1.0Bear leftonto Steady Lane Rd.
1.6Leftonto Rt 116 at stop
2.0Rightstay on Rt 116 to
6.3 Plainfield town line
11.5 stay on Rt 116
13.5 Savoy town line
17.3Leftonto Rt 8A S.
MilesDirection Comment       Page 3

39.7Rightonto So. Main
39.8Next Rightonto West St.
 Don't Miss This Turn
43.2Leftonto North Rd.
44.1Rightonto Rt 143
44.3RegroupChesterfield Store
 Start of 50+ mph
46.4Rightonto Cummington Rd
 (Just after bridge)
48.7 Worthington town line
49.0 Cummington town line
MilesDirection Comment       Page 2

18.7 Windsor town line
21.8Leftonto Rt 9
22.6 start 12-mile descent
26.5 Cummington town line
31.8RegroupCreamery Regroup
35.4 bottom of descent
36.1 Goshen town line
38.9Leftonto Rt 112 for short
 orride back to Ashfield
38.9Bear Rightstay on Rt 9 for
 long ride
MilesDirection Comment       Page 4

49.6Bear Rightonto Fairground Rd
50.7StraightCross Rt 9
51.2Right@ sign to Plainfield
 Rt 116
52.8 Plainfield town line
53.1Rightno road sign
54.7 Ashfield town line
54.9Rightonto Rt 116
58.9Lefton Rt 116/Rt 112
60.3Rightstay on Rt 116
60.8Rightinto Post Office