November and December 2000

Please note: HELMETS are now MANDATORY for all rides!

TERRAIN F = Flat with a few easy grades
R = Rolling hills with enough flat places to provide relief
H = Hilly, steep grades with some relief
S = Steep, for strong riders
PACE L = Leisurely with plenty of rest stops. Riding speed 10 to 12 mph
M = Moderate with occasional rest stops. Riding speed 12 to 16 mph
B = Brisk with fewer rest stops. Riding speed greater than 16 mph
Please note: If there is a question of bad weather, call the ride coordinator whose number is listed with the ride description [only the printed copies of the ride schedule contain phone numbers - web ed]. If you get no answer, (s)he is at the designated meeting area!!!

OCT 1 (Sun) - CHESTER TO ROCKY NECK; R/M/ 50 miles. Enjoy a scenic ride on both sides of the Connecticut River, with a lunch stop at Rocky Neck State Park. Bring 75 cents for the ferry. Meet at 10:00 AM at the commuter lot on Rt 9 exit 6, Chester, CT.
COORDINATORS: Mike & Fran Ungaro

OCT 1 (Sun) - SHOW & GO RIDE Meet at 10:00 AM in the Mt. Sugarloaf parking lot in South Deerfield off Rt. 116 just across the Connecticut River from Sunderland center. Those present will decide upon route and distance

OCT 7, 8 & 9 (Sat, Sun & Mon) - MOUNTAIN BIKE CAMPING TRIP UP To Molly Stark State Park in Wilmington VT. This will be a Bike camping trip that involves riding a fully loaded Mountain Bike 36 miles from Greenfield MA. on a dirt road along the Green River to Molly Stark State Park in Wilmington VT. -elevation gain = 2860 feet. MOUNTAIN BIKE REQUIRED FOR MAXIMUM ENJOYMENT. We'll ride UP to the Campground, pitch camp, eat dinner out, and go food shopping with empty panniers. Other possible activities include an ascent of Mt. Olga on foot, so bring off-bike footwear. We'll DEPART from the Greenfield Community College Parking lot at 10:30 AM on Saturday. Call coordinators ASAP with car's make, model, color & license plate #. GCC requires that we register every car parking for the weekend. The college lot is patrolled and registered cars are checked by Campus Police. NO registration info - car might be towed.
COORDINATORS: Sally Peters & Bob Kowaleski

OCTOBER 8 (Sun) - HOLIDAY WEEKEND SHOW & GO ROAD RIDE Meet at 10:00 AM at the Mill River Recreation Area off Rt. 63 in North Amherst (on right mile north of the church at the lights). Route and distance will be decided upon by those present.

OCTOBER 15 (Sun) - NORTHFIELD RAMBLE; F-R/L-M/35 miles. Meet at 10:00 AM in the Mt. Sugarloaf Parking lot in South Deerfield on Rt. 116 just across the Connecticut River from Sunderland center. Bring LUNCH - The ride will include a short section of Dirt Road, a bridge that is closed to cars, some spectacular views of the Connecticut & Millers Rivers, and a picnic. Bring food and water for the lunch stop at Northfield Mountain's Picnic Area on the bank of the Connecticut River.
COORDINATORS: Jack & Suzanne Fitz-Gibbon


MOUNTAIN BIKING SEASON IS HERE!. We'll offer organized mountain bike rides for the fall schedule because we have lots of interest and willing coordinators. The terrain covered will be single track, jeep roads, and some off-dirt (read pavement). We will make every effort to avoid muddy areas/trails that are easily eroded. Always bring plenty of water & food (we won't be near stores); wear layers of clothing suitable for the weather. Pack a wind shirt and tube, pump and patch kit. If rain is falling or even threatening we'll probably cancel to avoid riding on muddy trails. Call the listed coordinators with any questions.

We use a system for rating the difficulty of each mountain bike ride that works much like a college course catalog: rides will have a 100, 200, 300 or 400 number. Your understanding of the ratings will prevent a long drive for a short ride.
MB100-199 Beginning topics in mountain biking, with modest terrain and obstacles.
MB200-299 Intermediate mountain biking, with more demanding terrain, logs and brooks. Introduction to single track riding.
MB300-399 Advanced Topics: Rapid Dismounts, Stupid Speed, Impassable Terrain.
MB400-499 Exploration. The ride site is new and unrated.
Prerequisites: Sense of adventure and humor. No Whining.


OCT 22 (Sun)- MB 112 - KNIGHTVILLE DAM TO CHESTER-FIELD GORGE MOUNTAIN BIKE RIDE; 16 miles. We'll ride an out-and-back route along the Westfield river from Huntington to the Chesterfield Gorge. Meet at 10:00 AM on the dirt road along the river. (Kimball Hill Rd. E.) After passing intersection of Rt. 112 and Rt. 66, drive north about 1.2 miles and look for Blind Right Turn. Drive about 1.4 miles or until you see other cyclists. Bring lunch and water and $1.00 to visit the Chesterfield Gorge State Park.
COORDINATORS: Charlie & Eileen Meyers


OCT 29 (Sun) COMMON TO COMMON AND STORE TO STORE; R-H/L-M/40 miles. An uncommonly good ride; you'll like it. We'll ride on scenic, lightly traveled country roads and visit Petersham Common (and Country Store), Hardwick Common (and General Store), Barre Common (and Jackie's Country Kitchen) and Templeton Common (and the Ice Cream Barn). Then we'll ride back to Petersham Common (and its Country Store) You won't go hungry! Meet at 10:00 AM at the Petersham School near the Common. (Just north of the intersection of Rt. 122 & 32 - northeast of the Quabbin Reservoir).
COORDINATORS: Al Shane & Marion Gorham

NOV 4 (Sat) - MB223 - Mountain bike ride in Simsbury Town Forest & Environs. Fairly easy, occasional logs & stream crossings, mountain bike with knobbies recommended. Mostly doubletrack with a few pieces of singletrack riding. This ride is by request as some want to check out the halloween hayride setup from the past weekend. Directions from Rte 10 in Weatogue: turn onto STRATTON BROOK Road Cross Rte 167 @ light to remain on Stratton Brook Road go .5 then left on TOWN FOREST Road go .8 to parking next to pond. Meet there at 10:00 AM.

NOV 5 (Sun) - MB 175 - SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE MOUNTAIN BIKE RIDE - 16 to 18 miles. This ride will cover a variety of terrain (dirt road, double track, single track & off-dirt) and include a stop at a monk's cave. Meet in the parking lot at Wendell State Forest at 10:00 AM. Bring lunch and water. From the South take I91 to exit 24. Follow Rt. 116 to Rt 47 in Sunderland, turn Left and follow Rt. 47 to Rt. 63. Go 4.1 miles on Rt. 63 and turn Right onto Highland St. Take a Right at the T and go UP for 1.8 miles to Wendell State Forest .
COORDINATORS: Bob Kowaleski & Sally Peters

NOV 5 (Sun) - SHOW & GO RIDE Meet at 10:00 AM in the Mt. Sugarloaf parking lot in South Deerfield off Rt. 116 just across the Connecticut River from Sunderland center. Those present will decide upon route and distance.

NOV 12 (SUN) MB 205 - MT. BIKING IN ROBINSON STATE PARK - Meet @ Agawam High School in Feeding Hills at 11:00 AM for a ride in nearby Robinson State Park which borders the Westfield River. Bring snacks, lunch & water. We'll spend the day riding the abundant single track trails in the park.
COORDINATORS: Bob Kowaleski & Sally Peters

NOV 12 (SUN) - SHOW & GO ROAD RIDE Meet at 11:00 AM at the Mill River Recreation Area off Rt. 63 in North Amherst (on right mile north of the church at the lights). Route and distance will be decided upon by those present.

Read this - read this - read this - read this

NOV. 18 (SAT) ANNUAL MEETING AND POTLUCK with a MOUNTAIN BIKE RIDE FIRST. The ride will be mostly on dirt roads with significant elevation gain, and some (optional) single track. Meet at Al & Marion's house at NOON for the ride.
There will be a HIKING option - Meet for hike at 1:00 PM Otherwise:
      Happy Hour 5:00 PM or when bikers & hikers return
      Dinner at 6:00 PM
      Meeting at 7:00 PM
Meeting agenda will include election of a new slate of officers. Call Al or Marion and tell them what you are bringing to the potluck.
COORDINATORS: Al Shane & Marion Gorham

NOV 19 (SUN) - MB 255 - A MOUNTAIN BIKE ADVENTURE DAY IN HAWLEY AND SAVOY. Meet at 10:00 AM at the Ashfield town park on Rt. 116 about a quarter mile from Rt. 112. (The park overlooks Ashfield Lake.) We'll drive to Hawley and then ride towards Savoy on mainly dirt roads with optional single track. Bring snacks, water, lunch, and more snacks.
COORDINATORS: Sally Peters & Bob Kowaleski

NOV 19 (SUN) - SHOW & GO RIDE Meet at 11:00 AM in the Mt. Sugarloaf parking lot in South Deerfield off Rt. 116 just across the Connecticut River from Sunderland center. Those present will decide upon route and distance.

Wednesday night MTB rides. Starting at Southampton Bicycle Center at 6pm or we will meet at the shop at 6pm and car pool to a remote trail site. Riders need a front light of 10 watts or greater for night, off-road riding. Joe usually has a spare one if someone needs one.
COORDINATOR: Joe Pitchko at Soho bike @ 413-527-9784.

      With the days getting shorter and cooler, it is more difficult to maintain the cycling miles and form that you've worked hard for throughout the season. Although it is tempting to stop riding when the weather becomes colder, there are plenty of ways to continue riding in the off season. IF YOU DON'T CURRENTLY OWN A MOUNTAIN BIKE, INVEST IN ONE! There are quite a few cyclists yet to experience the benefits and fun of a mountain bike. We offer mountain bike rides in this schedule, and will continue to ride throughout the winter as long as there is no ice. As the temperature starts to drop, and the winds pick up, many road riders will seek cycling refuge on the trail. Woods trails are more sheltered than open black-top, and woods riding pace is considerably slower than road riding, so you are generating LESS wind chill on a mountain bike off road.
       If off-road riding is not part of your cycling plans, a mountain bike can still be a useful addition to your bike stable. When outfitted with the proper equipment, a mountain bike becomes the "road bike" of choice in cold weather on sandy-shouldered roads. By changing tires to a file-tread center/knobby edge design, you can increase the performance of the bike tremendously. You also get extra mud clearance, stability, and durability that makes the mountain bike a comfortable ride on winter roads.
       One season ends, another one may begin. There is no reason to waste away the mileage you rode throughout the year. Your season shouldn't end just because the summer has.
       Do you hate to see the Ride Schedule end? Well, just because this is the end of the schedule, it doesn't mean that the riding will end. Check out the FHF on the Web!
The address is www.freewheelers.org - Bob & Sally will know what mountain bike rides are planned for the weekend by the Thursday or Friday before.

PLEASE NOTE: Helmets are REQUIRED for all FHF rides. Please make sure that your bike and your body are in good condition. Bring drinking water, a spare inner tube or tubular tire that fits your bike, snack food and clothing appropriate for the actual weather, NOT JUST THE FORECAST! Prospective club members are welcome on FHF rides. For more information call the ride coordinator, or e-mail this website.

Phone numbers and e-mail addresses appear only on the printed version of the rides schedule.