October & November '04

Please note: HELMETS are now MANDATORY for all rides!

PACE: For Mountain Biking: Cuesheets and/or maps may not be available. Everyone will try and stay together as a group. Let others know if you will be dropping back or going a different direction.
TERRAIN: For Mountain Biking: terrain may include single track, Jeep roads and pavement. See ride description for details.  

If there is a question of bad weather, call the ride coordinator whose number is listed with the ride description [only the printed or .PDF copies of the ride schedule contain phone numbers - web ed]. If you get no answer, (s)he is at the designated meeting area!!!

OCT 3 (SUN) - BACK ROADS TO QUABBIN SUMMIT; 48 miles, rolling terrain except for 4-mile climb up to the summit. We will ride mostly back roads to the Quabbin via S. Hadley, Granby, Belchertown etc. with a stop at the Subway in Bondsville for those that want to pick up a lunch to be eaten at the summit. Meet at the Granby Jr./Sr. High School on Route 202 in Granby, MA. Ride leaves at 10:00 AM SHARP. [Note: The route has been revised and is not the same as the online cue sheet.]

MOUNTAIN BIKING SEASON IS HERE! We'll offer organized mountain bike rides for the fall schedule because we have lots of interest and willing coordinators. The terrain covered will be single-track, jeep roads, and some off-dirt (read pavement). We will make every effort to avoid muddy areas/trails that are easily eroded. Always bring plenty of water & food (we won't be near stores); wear layers of clothing suitable for the weather. Pack a wind shirt and tube, pump and patch kit. If rain is falling or even threatening we'll probably cancel to avoid riding on muddy trails. Call the listed coordinators with any questions.

OCT 10 (SUN) - MTN BIKING IN ROBINSON STATE PARK; We'll be riding the abundant single-track trails in the park, which borders the Westfield River. Meet at Robinson Park Elementary School on Begley Street in Agawam at 9:30 AM. Bring snacks, lunch & water.
A nice day for riding, partly cloudy, mid 60's. [I didn't go on this ride. I've been continuing to log more road bike miles. I'm up over 2000 miles for the year. Hope everyone else has been taking advantage of the nice weather. -web ed.]

OCT 17 (SUN) - MOUNTAIN BIKING IN HUNTINGTON; 12-13 miles. Ride around the Littleville Lake/reservoir in Huntington. Terrain is mostly fire roads or ATV trails with some rocky sections and limited single-track. Very nice ride. Intermediate skill level. Take Rt. 66 west from Northampton to Rt 112. Turn left on Rt 112 towards Huntington. Approx. 3-4 miles down you will see a sign and road on the left for Littleville Lake. Go past Gateway Regional School and take next left onto Goss Hill road and up hill to lake. There are signs. The parking area is closed, but there is space for cars by the gate. Ride leaves at 10:00 AM.
COORDINATORS: Jack & Suzanne Fitz-Gibbon
Another fine day! Sunny, temps in the 50's. Ride reports welcome...

OCT 24 (SUN) - KNIGHTVILLE DAM TO CHESTERFIELD GORGE MOUNTAIN BIKE RIDE; 16 miles. We'll ride an out-and-back route along the Westfield River from Huntington to the Chesterfield Gorge. Meet at 11:00 AM on the dirt road along the river (Kimball Hill Rd. E.). After passing intersection of Rt. 112 and Rt. 66, drive north about 1.2 miles and look for Blind Right Turn. Drive about 1.4 miles or until you see other cyclists. Bring lunch and water and $1.00 to visit the Chesterfield Gorge State Park.
COORDINATORS: Charlie & Eileen Meyers
The weather was cloudy and chilly with temps only in the high 40's. Only 6 riders came out for this mountain bike ride along the Westfield River. The riders were: Charlie, Mort, Jack, Julie, Bob & Sally. See photo. There were no cue sheets, only the instructions to "keep the river on your right going upstream to Chesterfield Gorge." We warmed up once we were on the trail, and the raw, chilly air was no longer an issue. At lunch, those folks that had steaming hot beverages (tea) in thermoses were the envy of those drinking cold water. Post-lunch instructions were "keep the river on your left going downstream back to the cars." After the ride, the whole group went to Outlook Farm for pie, cookies, and warm drinks. A fun time was had by all.


OCT 31 (SUN) Halloween - ASHLEY RESERVOIR MTN BIKE RIDE; Ride trails with lots of variety - some rocky bits. Meet at 9:30 AM off Rt. 202 just North of Homestead Rd. in Holyoke. From the North, take I-91 south to Exit 16. Go Right at the end of the ramp, take first Left onto Homestead Rd. Follow it to Rt. 202, take a Right & park on Left about 0.2 miles from intersection. From the South, take I-91 north to Exit 15. Go Left onto Lower Westfield Rd. At 2nd light go Right onto Homestead Rd. Follow it to Rt. 202, take a Left & park on Left about 0.2 miles from intersection. Bring lunch and water, costume optional.
COORDINATOR: Walter Chudzik
60°, overcast. I wasn't on this ride. [I went on a 50-mile road ride from Greenfield to Ashfield and back.] If anyone has a ride report for this ride, please email it in.

NOV 7 (SUN) - SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE MOUNTAIN BIKE RIDE; 16 to 18 miles. This ride will cover a variety of terrain (dirt road, double track, single-track & off-dirt) and include a stop at a monk's cave. Meet in the parking lot at Wendell State Forest at 11:00 AM. Bring lunch and water. From the South take I-91 to exit 24. Follow Rt. 116 east to Rt 47 in Sunderland, turn Left and follow Rt. 47 to Rt. 63. Turn Left and go 4.1 miles on Rt. 63 and turn Right onto Highland St. just before the RR tracks. Take a Right when you get to the T onto S. Prospect St. and a Right when you get to the Y onto Wendell Rd. Go UP for about a mile to Wendell State Forest.
COORDINATORS: Bob Kowaleski & Sally Peters
Sunny, mid-60's, wind out of the south. A really nice day [hard to believe it snowed the next day].

NOV 14 (SUN) - MOUNTAIN BIKING ON THE HOLYOKE RANGE; Meet at the Notch Visitors Center at 10:00 AM for a 3-hour ride on trails that will vary from logging roads to single-track.
COORDINATOR: Walter Chudzik
Sunny, some snow on the ground from Friday.

NOV 20 (SAT) ANNUAL MEETING AND POTLUCK with a MOUNTAIN BIKE RIDE FIRST. The ride will be mostly on dirt roads with significant elevation gain, and some (optional) single track. Meet at Al & Marion's house at NOON for the ride. There will be a HIKING option on local trails for those interested. Meet for hike at NOON also.
5:00 PM      --Happy Hour
6:00 PM      --Dinner
7:00 PM      --Meeting
Meeting agenda will include election of officers for the upcoming year and selecting the site for our Annual Banquet. Call Al or Marion and tell them what you are bringing to the potluck, or not.
COORDINATORS: Al Shane & Marion Gorham

NOV 21 (SUN) - MOUNTAIN BIKING ON THE HOLYOKE RANGE: PART 2; Meet at the Notch Visitors Center at 10:00 AM for another 3-hour ride on trails that will vary from logging roads to single-track.
COORDINATOR: Walter Chudzik
Drizzly most of the day.

PLEASE NOTE: Helmets are REQUIRED for all FHF rides. Bring drinking water, a spare inner tube that fits your bike & snack food. Prospective club members are welcome on FHF rides.